We love taking pictures with friends and family, but if there's one thing we don't love? Getting caught looking terrible in a photos! You can colour your face with 2 inches makeups (erkkkk?!!) OR you can just wake up in the morning and take a snap with #BeautyPlus app!

#BeautyPlus enable you to edit your picture in a way that you like. So now we're giving you a chance to do what you best at (Selfie! :p) and get rewarded when your photo picked by us.

What Now?
1. Login to migme (you already did now)
2. Click at BeautyPlus icon
3. Download the app. Simple right?
4. Finally take a snap of your photo, use #BeautyPlus app to edit (make as flawless...beautiful...handsome) as you can :D and share in your miniblog (or can just reply to this post) with a hash tag #BeautyPlus

5 photos will be randomly pick as a lucky winners!
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